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Virtual Gastric Band

What is a Virtual Gastric Band?


The virtual gastric band is a hypnotherapeutic approach to weight loss. It is a means by which you can use the power of your mind to change your eating patterns: the focus is on smaller portions of food rather than faddy diets. In a few weeks, or even days, you can 'shrink' the capacity of your stomach which will give you a similar feeling to a surgical gastric band should you eat too much.


With virtual gastric banding not only will you be introduced to using your mind to change your stomach capacity, but you will also be encouraged to explore your psychological relationship with food: to understand your current eating pattern, specifically why, where, when and how much you eat. Then you will be able to make the changes required to develop an eating pattern that can support your long-term health and well being.


Some differences between a virtual gastric band and a surgical gastric band


Surgical LAGB

Virtual Gastric Band

Invasive surgical procedure.

Non-invasive hypnotherapeutic procedure.

Potential for post operative/anaesthetic complications.

No complications.

Restricted diet: a need to avoid certain foods long term.

No foods are restricted, all foods are acceptable, but in small portions.

Less than 60% have a long-term satisfactory outcome. 50%* will require surgical removal of the band.

*Ref: JAMA.co.uk, Review of medical articles

Long-term evaluation is now being carried out but it looks to be at least as effective in the long-term as surgical LAGB.

Minimum cost of £5000 which does not include psychological help or follow-up consultations. Need for time off to recuperate.

First evaluation session is free, then four sessions of the VGB protocol (see below) for £800. Potential for immediate benefit in eating patterns and potential to use understanding of psychological processes on other aspects of life.


VGB Protocol


Your first session is to evaluate whether or not you are suitable for VGB and to let you know what to expect over the four sessions of the VGB protocol. This first 30 minute session is FREE and there is no obligation at this stage to continue with the protocol.


If you are appropriate for VGB and you choose to go forward with the protocol then you will be expected to the pay the full fee before your second session. This fee is not refundable. The following sessions will take place weekly but only if you have been able to follow the requirements of the protocol between sessions. If you wish to have follow up or supportive sessions after the protocol has been completed these can be offered at the normal sessional rate.

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